Watch Out For These Air Conditioning Installer Red Flags

Lack of face-to-face site survey 

This puts a face to a name. It puts a face to a business. We know face-to-face contact adds a huge layer of confidence for our customers. Tip: if you are ever unsure who you are dealing with, ask them for a video call as a minimum. 

Wildly cheap quotes 

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Air conditioning is a wonderful investment – but it is not a cheap one – make sure you go with a business and a quote that you trust. Do the required due diligence on likely costs. 

No online presence 

If you can’t find anything about a business online, or if the things you do find don’t add up – we recommend you play it safe and look elsewhere. Almost always, a reputable business makes it a easy as possible to be found online e.g., Website, Google, Social Media, Trsutpilot. 

Poor reviews 

No explanation required, if the stack of reviews do not support the promises they are making, then it is highly likely you won’t have your expectations met. Reviews are gold. 


This is ever present in all scams, and is also a feature of poor business. If you feel you are being pushed into something without sufficient time for thinking; its often time to put the breaks on entirely. Once you confirm your order with us, we will schedule you as soon as possible, but we will never rush you into the initial order – we encourage you to take as long as you need. 

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